With recreational marijuana use becoming increasingly common, legal, and socially accepted, it would be expected that the criminal “justice” system would reflect these changes. But it hasn’t, at least not for everyone.

The Acceptance of Weed is Black and White

It is no secret that the weed industry caters to white populations. States where recreational use is legal…

Franklin, the border collie.

If you have ever found companionship in a border collie, you know that you spend a great deal of your time outdoors. This is a shared passion between myself and my border collie friend, Franklin. That being said, since the day I adopted him I have associated being outside with…

The fetishization of police power in the United States has permeated every sphere of American society. The socialization of this fetish, I argue, begins with the presence of police in U.S. schools. Police power is comforting for privileged communities, yet detrimental to the learning capabilities of low-income schools and students…


justice studies and political science student at Westminster College of Salt Lake City

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