The Duality of Mary-Jane

“Such police harassment not only criminalizes people of color for engaging in an activity that white people participate in with relative impunity, it is a means of surveillance and social control counterproductive to public safety and community health.” (ACLU, 2020)

“On average, a Black person is 3.64 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than a white person, even though Black and white people use marijuana at similar rates.” (ACLU, 2020)

“At the federal level, marijuana remains a Schedule I substance, subjecting people involved in marijuana activities to harsh penalties and preventing a range of scientific research that could upend decades of propagandized misinformation driven by racism and fear.” (ACLU, 2020)

“For example:

- Families who live in federally subsidized public housing face eviction or family separation if someone is accused of using marijuana on their premises.

- Parents may lose their children in family court proceedings if accused of using marijuana.

- Disabled and poor recipients of public benefits still face the threat of losing their benefits for marijuana use.

- Immigrants can face deportation for marijuana use.” (ACLU, 2020)

“…racial justice has largely been a peripheral or incidental goal of legalization, resulting in continued racist enforcement of marijuana laws, the exclusion of people of color from participating in, leading, and building wealth from the marijuana industry, and the failure to repair the harms done to communities of color by the drug war.” (ACLU, 2020)



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